Cian Smyth Producer Hull UK City of Culture 2017

“Em Whitfield Brooks had a challenge on her hands delivering workshops, auditions and rehearsals for 100+ people in Hull Freedom Chorus over a six month period for DEPART, a work that remained in development and posed a brand new challenge for the choir, not only in the style of music it was used to singing or in ways it is used to performing, but also for the fact it was in an unusual outdoor location with a variety of performers in multiple locations where the choir both separated and gathered together in unison over an 80minute period. As it turned out, they had to do all of this in mud and rain, at night! Needless to say, this would have been impossible without Em’s energy, enthusiasm and ambition to rally the choir but also to achieve a level of perfection and innovation amongst them that you could see was truly achieved through their excitement, despite the challenges.”

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