Projects in Schools

Regular, healthy singing can transform a class, a school and the wider school community . There’s plenty of research showing the broader benefits that singing activity brings to the individual child and her/his ability to learn, and my work in schools brings accessible approaches to help you create and develop an inclusive Singing School.

Singing is fun: there’s no doubt about the sheer joy of collective voices singing together in harmony to encourage collective pride in the school and its community. But there is so much more that high quality singing can offer.

Encouraging regular singing in the classroom, in the playground, and as a whole school, for children at all ages and stages, will:

  • Encourage the inherent musicality in all children
  • Enhance self-confidence and a sense of aspiration
  • Improve listening, concentration and communication skills
  • Encourage effective teamwork and creative collaboration
  • Support children’s ability to learn and their awareness of learning
  • Open up areas of the curriculum in new and exciting ways
  • Increase self-expression and innovation

I have worked extensively as a Vocal Animateur, Choral leader and Trainer of singing leaders in classrooms and staffrooms across the North of England since 2000, offering individual, whole-class and whole-school singing activity across all Key Stages. I work with music specialists, non-music specialists and the totally terrified to develop sustainable approaches to singing leadership that last long after the Inset is over. You can’t have successful singing across the school unless the staff are supportive of the process, understanding of the wider benefits and keen to get involved themselves, and my approach ensures effective ways in to leading singing for all levels of experience.

Big Sings

Em Whitfield Brooks at 'Big Sing Goes Pop' at The Sage Gateshead (2007)

‘Big Sing Goes Pop’ at The Sage Gateshead, 2007 © Dan Brady

I’ve led many Big Sings over the years, and supported venues and music services to devise and deliver their own. These large-scale multi-school events, where children from across a region come together for half a day to raise the roof in song, are a fantastic way to include all children in the joy of singing on a large scale. I’ve written songs, devised song packs and conducted Big Sings for Sage Gateshead, East Riding Music Service, North Yorkshire County Council, City of York Council, The Ryedale Festival and Helmsley Arts Centre. Always with the detail of a bespoke programmes as the starting point, I can help schools ensure a successful Big Sing for all children and their teachers.

Staff Training

I’ve worked with and alongside specialist music teachers as well as non-specialists, across Foundation and all Key Stages, offering tailor-made training, to help make the business of singing-leading more successful in each particular setting. I’ve worked alongside class teachers weekly for a whole year to bring singing to the very core of the curriculum; I’ve led countless workshops at music education conferences across the UK; I’ve delivered creative sessions for trainee teachers, PGCE and Community Music students and offer anything from INSETs and staff-room choirs to bespoke residential courses and workshops.

Courses include:

  • Singing Leading for the Totally Terrified
  • Classy Voices – whole class singing
  • Young Songwriters – all key stages
  • Inclusive Approaches to Whole-Class Singing
  • Winning Warmups
  • Classy KS2/3 transitions
  • Healthy Voices
  • Skills-Sharing
  • Going for Quality: Improving your School Choir
  • Setting up your Teachers’ Choir
  • Can you Hear Me at the Back? Voice in Presentation


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