Choral Leader
Creative Facilitator

I lead creative projects and offer bespoke training in the cultural, education and corporate sectors across the UK and internationally, with choirs, companies, individuals and communities.


Singing is good for us, it’s fun and is a great force for social cohesion and better communication. I have broad experience of working with children, young people, teachers and leaders in formal and informal settings; I also work with choirs of all ages and abilities.

Song Publications

My new songbook for Groups and Community Choirs. Launched in April 2015, this songbook is for leaders and aspiring leaders of singing groups and choirs. It brings together new repertoire, tips for successful leadership. All the material has been tried and tested and is clearly presented.

Theatre & Opera

Searching for a dazzling participant-led performance? I apply my own performance experience as actor, clown and director to create vivid physical theatre and large-scale community opera.


“I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful Singing September! I so enjoyed everything we did. The entertaining, enjoyable songs on the Dock Stage (even in the rain!), the exciting Underpass performances - which I'll never forget! And of course, 'Caravan of Love'. The many hours of rehearsals for those 4 minute performances were well worth it and I hope you thought so too. You've worked so hard to make us a good choir and you are our inspiration. We have done so many varied and exciting things in the past five years but I always enjoy yours the most. Thank you so much, Em.”

Nora Jones. Hull Freedom Chorus - 2016